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【The Department of European Languages and Cultures】

The Joy, Honor, Youth, and Vitality of a Freshman!

Congratulations to every single one of you for successfully entering a new stage in life after all challenges and hardships of completing high school. I hereby welcome you to the Department of European Languages and Cultures (DELC) of National Chengchi University!


DELC, formerly known as the Undergraduate Program in European Languages, was established in the year 2006. Many thanks to the support of the school and the College of Foreign Languages and Culture, as well as the joint efforts of all the teachers and students for making the renaming of our department possible in the year of 2012. Our department is divided into three European language groups, French, German, and Spanish, featuring small-class teaching. Our program is aimed to foster students in becoming professionals in foreign languages and enhancing their competence for future prospects.


Our language groups are lead by a team of professional teachers dedicated to providing students with necessary language skills and expertise, along with the acquisition cultural literacy and and literary attainment. Students are motivated, diligent, and get along with faculty members harmoniously. Our seniors manifest a generosity of affection, and are sure to treat you with kindness and consideration. Our various clubs, associations, and academic activities will also promote the spirits of learning and community awareness. In addition, Our alumni have pursued a wide variety of career paths and professions, and are proud of their roots in DELC.


College education is crucial in shaping youth into the future backbone of our country. Not only does it serve as the first steps of independent learning, but also as the start of independence, self-adjustment and growth. I hope you take advantage and make the best use of the given resources, as well as cherish and appreciate this important milestone in life. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you gain confidence and accomplishments academically, as well as personality-wise. Meanwhile, enjoy learning as you achieve excellence and realize dreams through discovering, finding, and bettering yourself and living to your fullest potential.


With immense joy and open arms, we welcome all incoming freshmen; and with honor, we are committed to cultivate and nurture young talents. Last but not least, I wish all the students of this big family of DELC, with the passion and enthusiasm of youth, immerse yourselves in the birght future that awaits ahead!


TAI-LING, CHANG                                                           

Chair of the Department of European Languages and Cultures         

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