Undergraduate Program



1. This is a four-year program committed to developing European language talents and promoting cultural and educational communications with European nations and institutions. Diplomas are conferred as a Bachelor's degree.

2. The program comprises three groups: French, German, and Spanish. Each student majors in one of these three languages and is obligated to take common courses.

3. Students are required to fulfill the Graduation Requirements for Foreign Language Proficiency of the Department of European Languages and Cultures before graduation.

4. Of the minimum of 132 credits required for graduation, 66 are required compulsory courses, while the rest are credits from elective and general education courses. (Details and regulations can be found in the website of the Office of Academic Affairs, NCCU.)

5. Students are encouraged to pursue a minor or double major.

6. Students admitted after the year 2009 are no longer obligated to enroll in the English Honors Program.

7. Students must obtain a certificate of level B2 language proficiency of their perspective major in order to graduate. (Please refer to t
he Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or the Graduation Requirements for English Proficiency of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, NCCU)
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